The 2014 facility-specific data for power plants, refineries, steel, cement and ammonia plants is all available from the Environmental Protection Agency's Facility Level Information on Greenhouse Gases Tool (FLIGHT).

I compiled the 2014 data for emissions from all plants within each sector. Since the emissions are listed in metric tons, I converted the numbers to pounds. Since the absolute number of emissions varies considerably within each sector, I decided to take the average of the top ten emitters to get a gauge of emissions from the highest emitting plants in the industry.

Then I take the individual-household carbon footprint calculated at the Environmental Protection's web tool and divide it into the pounds of emissions from the top ten average emitters from each sector. The numbers are listed below.

Electric power output – divide input number into: 37,006,869,047 lbs.

Refinery output – divide input number into: 11,128,480,175 lbs.

Steel output- divide input number into: 11,858,668,837 lbs.

Cement output – divide input number into: 2,818,778,630 lbs.

Ammonia output – divide input number into: 3,845,052,830 lbs.